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Hey There

Welcome to the F word - Feast, Fast and then Freedom!

We know that you're here because you want to feel like you again.

You want to shed a few kilos that are cramping your style and head out into the world each day feeling good about you. 

Download Your F word eBook

The F Word homeopathic drops can help you on your weight loss journey by supporting your hunger so you can breeze through fasting days.

The F word is designed as a 3 week program and our 'Guide to Freedom' ebook contains instructions for the Feast and Fast stages as well as recipe ideas and a fasting plan outline.


You can also use the drops for Intermittent Fasting (IF):

We suggest the 5:2 (two 500 cal days each week) as the easiest method to continue on from the F word 3 week program. Take the drops 3 times a day on fasting days to help manage your hunger.

  • The 5:2 suggests two fasting days and 5 normal eating days.

  • The 5:2 should maintain your weight, while a 4:3 will help to gradually lose weight.


We're here to support you! 

Please email us if you have any questions, feel stuck or need some inspiration or motivation.

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