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F is for Fat loss

Fat. It’s a descriptive word, an organic substance, a macronutrient, a way we feel, an insult.

We can classify it biochemically as saturated or unsaturated depending on the number of double bonds. We can talk about how it’s essential for our bodies, that it forms a layer that protects our organs and how it’s what our cell membranes are made of.

When we start discussing how to increase or decrease levels in our body, Fat becomes a word that ventures into dangerous, forbidden and contradictory territory. It’s a word we call ourselves but don’t want our daughters to hear. Or use about themselves. We can decide it’s the reason we’re miserable or single, or missed out on something we wanted, all while we tell our friends it’s absolutely NOT the reason they are miserable, single or missed out on something they wanted. It’s a word we think about but don’t dare talk about.

Here at the F Word, we’re not afraid to talk about fat. We know it’s just a word. As far as we are concerned fat is little molecules found in our bodies. We need it for hormones and cell walls and structurally it’s a major component of our brain. There’s nothing wrong or bad about it, but sometimes we accumulate it, and just like any other type of clutter, it starts to get in the way of our goals.

If you want to reduce levels of body fat the F Word can help.


We want to help you lose weight because you LOVE yourself, because you have some EXCITING goals ahead and because you’re prioritising your HEALTH and how you feel. When you’re heading towards something INSPIRING, looking after your health is one more positive piece of the puzzle.

We DON'T want to help you lose weight because you hate yourself, your circumstances and think that maybe losing weight will solve all your problems. Because it won’t. If you’re feeling bad about yourself or running away from something you don’t want, losing weight is one more piece of hard work to overwhelm and berate yourself about.

We know that ultimately it's not fat itself that can make you unhappy and therefore losing fat can’t make you happy. It's the thoughts and feelings and beliefs we fill our minds with, that we have complete control over, that determine our perception of happiness.


We’re not afraid to talk about fat. We believe we should look after these bodies we live in and at times when our bodies have gotten a bit cluttered and the cupboards are bursting with bad habits you can feel ready for a good old spring clean. If you’re looking to declutter some excess baggage and shed some extra kilos you have accumulated then the F Word is all about fat loss. The F Word looks fat squarely in its triglyceride phospholipid face and sends it on its way with love.


The F word is not a short term meal plan or quick fix, it’s a new way of thinking about food, establishing new habits where plenty of fresh fruit and veg, lean protein and good fats form the basis of everyday. You Can follow the F word program for a few weeks, or few a few days each week, to achieve your healthy weight goals.

The F Word is here if YOU want to lose weight for YOU, not for anyone else, not to try and meet unrealistic social media led body beliefs, but because you love this body of yours and think it’s time you two started looking after each other.

The F Word is about making empowered choices for positive reasons.

The F word is about freedom. Freedom to love yourself, your life and make choices freely and easily. We don’t support the thin ideal, we support you feeling your best and kicking your personal goals.

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