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F is for Feb feels

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

February Resolutions

Here at the f word we thoroughly enjoyed our January.

We boated, beached and barbecued, we we went out for dinner with friends, visited friends, and friends came to visit, we drank rose, vodka and kombucha, gin and tonics. And water, of course we drank water. We are all about balance.

There were no ‘new year resolution’ goals kicked. Let’s face it, January is too much of a social time and there's so much fun to be had, who’s got the focus or the willpower? We’re human right? So, instead, we’ve decided for some February resolutions are in order.

Feb fast is on our minds and we know we’re not alone and wanting to detox, cleanse, get some fitness or tone back. And we know there’s strength in numbers. So we thought, let’s get together to kick our health goals. For the month of Feb we have developed a fabulous ebook for you to download, yes free!, and are offering tips and support through our social media pages.

When it comes to motivation it’s all about the feels, and we want to know, how do you want to feel in February? Do you want to feel fit, fabulous, do you want to fit into those pants that you just can’t quite do up, do you want to feel free to wear whatever you want and feel confident and comfortable?

Whatever your feels, we are here to help. Email us and we'll send you our February goal setting workbook. Join us for some habit kicking, food resetting, mindset shifting, fasting tips, support and motivation on instagram and facebook.

And if eating better is one of your goals and you plan to incorporate fasting, the F Word program helps you manage your appetite so you can shed those accumulated extra kilos without feeling hungry. You can buy the program (homeopathic drops and ebook with meal plan and recipes) on the website.

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