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F is for Focus

Plenty of us feel like we're the captain of a tiny boat getting tossed about in the stormy seas of everyone else's demands.

If you seem to be always chasing your tail, putting out fires, and reaching the end of the day feeling dissatisfied, then It's very possible that are starting your day without a clear direction.

You can start the day with focus by setting an intention. Making a decision about what you intend for the day ahead is like adding a giant rudder to your boat. an intention creates clarity and sets the course and focus for the day. Intentions can take many forms. Your intention for the day might be to have laser focus. It may be to be unexpectedly delighted. It might be to be open to creative possibilities, to be calm and patient. To be present. To be peaceful. To be loving. To create and organised space. To mono-task.

Think of an intention as the rudder you can use to guide and judge your actions moment by moment. Ask yourself-Am I being my intention? ie am I being peaceful? Am I being positive? Grateful? Focussed? If not how can I be that?

Tips to set an intention. Think about your day. What does today have in store for you? What do you need or who do you need to be to get through today? What would make a difference in your day so that when you fall into bed you have a sense of satisfaction?

From there choose a statement, a word, an affirmation that feels good, empowered, positive. It should focus on what you want- not what you don’t!

Write a note and stick it where you can see it, set it as a phone reminder, write it on your hand, Whatever works. You want to come back to your intention a few times over the day.

You'll notice almost immediately that your days go smoother if you place an intention at the start of each day.

Have some fun! Keep track of your intentions and notice what starts to happen in your day...

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