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Vision Board your health goals

Vision boarding

If you’re not crystal clear about the healthy life you want to create, exactly what you want and what it looks like then an afternoon of magazines, glue, coloured paper, and coloured pens just might be on the cards for you.

Get Focussed

Vision boards are a bright, colourful and creative way of getting focussed on your dream life. You can’t plan for a holiday if you don’t know your destination, and you can’t head towards your best self and best life if you’ve never sat down and worked out what possibilities are beckoning you to your future.

Yes cutting out magazines can feel a little 1983, when contacting your diary with pictures of Wham was a thing, but if you can move past flashbacks of big hair and shoulder pads you have at your fingertips a manifesting tool that guides you towards getting what you want.

Fill a blank slate of paper with the life you wish to create. Vision boards get us to visualise a future we are excited about, and when we have something specific to look forward to we’re 1) motivated to take action, and 2) focussed with a clear goal in mind, and 3) taking action as our brains are on the lookout for ways to get us there.


Here’s my ‘how to’ tips for vision boarding.


Before you even open a magazine or pick up those scissors, sit down with a blank piece of paper and think about your dream life. For each of the following areas consider what you long for. Write words that capture how you want to feel.

  • Health- body, fitness, nutrition, ability

  • Personal goals, artistic pursuits, hobbies

  • Relationships- friends/romantic

  • Family

  • Work/career/dream job/work environment

  • Home- type of home/feel/location

  • Travel and adventure HINT: if you feel stuck start by deciding what you don't want and then flip it. Don't want to be unfit? Flip it to what you want to be able to do. Don't want to feel uncomfortable in your clothes? Flip it to how you want to feel when you get dressed.

Step 2.

Choose your vision board focus. You may have one area of your life that feels like a priority, or a few, some may even overlap. There are no rules about what to include except don’t feel like you have to cover everything, choose to focus on what feels important. You can always create separate boards for different areas eg work and health

How do you want to feel?

Now you're ready to flick through magazines, pinterest, image libraries and card decks.

You are looking for images that reflect your longings, the experiences, places, things you want to create in your life. Focus on the feelings associated with your goals and look for images that connect to how you want to feel. Choose the images that feel good- when you look at them you feel happy, excited, peaceful, inspired etc

Add an extra layer by adding some feel good moments- such as a picture you love of you with your family or friends, or an event or moment you’re proud of- to the images of the future you are committed to creating.

Another option is to create an anchoring board. This board is not so much about things but who you are committed to being as a person. For example if you have decided you want to nurture your body you may have pictures in this board of meditation, yoga, healthy food and words like shining bright, in the moment, focussed.

Creative visualisation exercise

Once you have created your vision board, see how it feels to visualise yourself living this future. Close your eyes and picture yourself having this life. Imagine you already have the house, job or partner of your dreams. How does if feel to wake up knowing that this is where you live, work, who your friends are. You want to feel excited and inspired about this life or thing you want to attract. Focus on the feeling and allow the feeling to guide your decisions and actions.

Allow your vision board to inspire you every day

Position the vision board somewhere prominent- e.g. by your bedside table, on your kitchen bench and look at it everyday. A vision board is a constant reminder of the way you will feel when these things flow into your life and you should feel inspired when you look at it.

Our thoughts create our future so how you start the day influences how you live your day. Take a moment to look at your vision board and remember your dream life- before the daily blur starts! This board will be your motivation, helping to keep you focussed, directing your actions, and guiding your decisions.

As you take action towards your goals, the magic happens and the things you dream of become your new reality.

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