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The F-word: F is for Fun

Eating and drinking is an important part of our social scene, it's a way we enjoy getting together and connecting.

However it’s no fun when you’re constantly thinking ‘I shouldn’t eat this’, ‘I can’t eat that….. In fact, a deprivation mindset can end up with you feeling pre-occupied with food - one of the surest ways to overconsumption and self sabotage.

This COVID lockdown has been a challenge in maintaining a healthy weight. Not many of us have gotten away with the sedentary lifestyle and coping strategies of extra wine and extra treats without gaining a few kilos of extra weight.

To help minimise the blow out and get you back on track quickly

  • Add some fasting days. Fasting helps you practice moderation. You can add a fasting day or two after a weekend of feasting. This might 2 light meals of vegetables and lean protein and lots and lots of fluids. Or you might balance a big lunch by skipping dinner feast

  • Eat mindfully. Slow down and savour the flavours! Stay present while you eat so you can notice the taste, smell and texture,

  • Fit in some activity. Instead of using exercise to try to burn calories, choose to exercise because of the way it makes you feel. Exercise improves mood, improves energy levels and puts you in a better frame of mind to choose healthier foods. Number four on the big faced days are over 2223 500 cal/fasting days each week to get you back to your usual weight.

Ditch the deprivation mindset, eat mindfully, have fun, and enjoy your food.

If you need some support on your fasting days the F Word drops can help you manage your hunger.

Drop us a line - we’re always happy to chat :)


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